Golden Light of Autumn Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat
October 7 – 13, 2017
w/Patricia & Surya
Rolling Meadows
Brooks, Maine

A natural, resilient and relaxed way of being arises as we open to the ever-available essence of our True Nature. Experiencing this reality through yoga postures, meditation, sacred movement and silence, we drop below and behind the habitual and conditioned patterns of thought and reactivity. The container of shared silence and the subtle practices during retreat, open our capacity to recognize what is always here and who we are… Pure Awareness…

From this embodied remembering we restore balance, vibrancy, and peace in ourselves, reconnecting with our deepest and most reliable resource.

“Meditate on the Self as being
Vast as the Sky,
A body of energy
Extending forever in all directions –
In the embrace of infinite space,
Awaken to your True form,
Divine creative energy
Revealing Itself as you.”  -Vignana Bhairava

“Peace is your natural state and the Heart the only reality”
-Ramana Maharishi

This six-night silent meditation and yoga retreat begins with evening meal at 6pm on Saturday, October 7 and ends at about mid-morning on Friday, October 13 after a morning session and a late breakfast.

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The fee for this retreat is $1,250

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This retreat is an opportunity to leave all daily responsibilities and pre-occupations behind. Everyone is asked to stay off computers and phones to allow for an undistracted experience and deeper connection with yourself. This also enhances  everyone’s experience. The combined intention of unplugging from technology in retreat is essential for the focused work of looking within. An emergency contact number will be provided to give to loved ones. 

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