Our Teaching
Bringing 30 of practice and teaching to our work, we offer the rare opportunity to live in the support of silent community while deepening awareness with the practices of classical yoga and meditation.


Patricia's Teaching  practices are touchstones to my inner life, creating space to cultivate awareness of a deepened field of intelligence and an embodied experience of Divine Love.

I encourage looking within, open inquiry, gentleness and respect for the unique way the mystery unfolds in each of us.

  Yoga asana - my approach is experiential and non-linear encouraging expansion of attention, perception and, inner listening. By refining attunement to the felt sense the poses become forms for exploration and deepened awareness. Breath is woven throughout. Inviting an open ended, feminine, bodily- based inquiry, which I call Sacred Movement - expereincing the unformed within the form of asana - a deeper intelligence has the space and time to be revealed. A yoga practice becomes a subtle, enlivening, self-referenced, healing spiritual experience. Our practice is returned to it's intial intent- to drop ego indentity, remembering the Light within, the Source of Being. 

  Meditation and Inquiry - invites stillness, insight and quietude. With relaxed, open availability and mindfulness of the moment, we learn to rest as the unobjectified space in which all thought, emotion and sensation occur, remembering while resting into our natural state of peace and Love.


Surya's Teaching
My intention is to gently guide us back to the present moment; to direct our attention to the always available spacious presence of our true nature; to support us to listen to the deep intelligence of our bodies; to trust a wisdom and understanding that is beyond conditioned thought and to encourage us to listen to and trust our own knowing rather than an outer authority.

I invite us to inquire into the ways we may integrate the insights gained on retreat and the deep teachings of yoga into the fabric of our daily lives after retreat.

Yoga asana (postures), meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra, restorative postures, self-inquiry and silence are offered in support of this turning toward and resting in the peace and wisdom of our natural state, beyond and beneath our conditioning.

I consider yoga at its best to be the exploration of Love and Compassion.

We have personally found that silent retreat provides the most supportive and restful environment for learning to be present for ourselves as we are and and life as it is. By consciously learning to listen to the body and open to  long-held patterns, a deeper knowing which is always present reveals itself.  We may call this Awareness, Presence, Love or the ordinary tenderness of our True Nature.  

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