What is Breathwork

Sacred Breathwork Meditation

The Breathwork we offer is both a dynamic and subtle practice for releasing, purifying, healing, and attuning with Source.

Bridging the conscious and subconscious, conscious connected breath is one of the quickest ways to personal transformation, enhanced well-being. Furthermore, it leads to the direct heart-opening experience of Divine Love. Breathwork is a profound dimension of the process we offer in our retreats.

“Journeying beyond the limits of the self “

What Happens in Breathwork Sessions?

For centuries, people have sought spiritual awakening, self-healing, and meditative relaxation through breathing techniques. Breathwork has its roots in Eastern practices like yoga, Tai Chi, and Buddhism.

Several approaches to breathwork were developed. The 60s and 70s were a time of in-depth explorations of many innovators during this consciousness-raising era. Early pioneers, Dr. Stan and Christina Grof developed Holotropic Breathwork which literally means “moving towards wholeness.” Their work, grounded in almost fifty years of observations. Their clinical research of the healing potentials of non-ordinary states of consciousness has influenced many contemporary approaches to breathwork.

Most breathwork is based upon insights over time. Altogether these include modern consciousness research, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, along with Eastern spiritual practices, and the world’s mystical traditions. Breathwork uses accelerated breathing, heightened levels of oxygen, primarily. Coupled with evocative music and deep inner focus to help participants open to non-ordinary states of consciousness. At the same time, this leads to self-healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening.


The process invokes a profound journey into whatever state of consciousness is relevant for the breather at the time. The process brings more energy and awareness into the body. Consequently releasing stored stress, repressed feelings, strain, and trauma. Breath activates both unconscious pain and ecstatic bliss as the intelligence of the life force leads us to exactly where we need to awaken. It allows one to examine limiting beliefs and emotional addictions. It brings to awareness self-limiting habits, resolves life long relationship patterns, relieves the fear of death and illness, open to the capacity for self-healing, and experience states of pure unconditional love, acceptance, and bliss.

Breathwork is self-empowering as it allows us to look back at the landscape of the psyche, to free us of limiting patterns and to embody the Radiant Infinite Essence that we are.

Other Breathwork Modalities


Breath-focused practices from the yogic tradition will also be offered and appropriate for all.  “Prana” means life energy and “Yama” means control. The practice of pranayama involves breathing exercises and patterns of breathing for the purpose of extending and expanding life force energy, focussing the mind and steadying the body. Pranayama is an integral dimension of asana practice and the fourth limb of the eight limb science of yoga.


This organic, intimate approach to the breath will also be offered which allows the breather to discover the body’s own natural response, as well as the awareness of sensation of the breath. By focusing solely on sensory perception, the breather gathers insight into how the physical, emotional, and mental reactions are formed and processed. Breath is seen as the window into our inner healing and can be metaphorically opened to allow more breathing in or closed tightly to resist healing. Understanding this is the key to understanding the role of the breath in the recovery process. As a person experiences change of breath they experience change within themselves. 

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