The following are some questions we have been asked about the retreats at Rolling Meadows over the years.

What is the maximum number of participants? Eleven participants.

Are the any additional taxes or fees we must pay? Maine has a 9% lodging tax which is reflected in the final cost of each retreat as described on the Registration page.

Are the retreats co-ed? All retreats are co-ed except those that clearly state that they are “for women”.

Will you find a roommate for me if I come by myself?  Yes.  Many people attend the retreats without a friend or partner.

Are the retreats suitable for beginners?  The retreats are suitable for anyone open to personal transformation, 20 years old or older, with or without prior experience in yoga and meditation. The teaching is primarily guiding each participant back to their own intuitive knowing.  Students come to these retreats for different reasons and with different backgrounds.   The retreat experience is unique for everyone, allowing them to have the understanding and experience they need at that particular time.

What style of yoga is taught? We have studied with many teachers in a variety of styles over the years – including Iyengar, the Viniyoga of Desikachar, the Vanda Scaravelli breath and subtle sensing approach.   The yoga teaching supportsis a synthesis of all that we have studied for 25 years and what has evolved during years of practice.  See this page.

What are the Maine retreats like? The Yoga Retreats are an opportunity for one to relax and rest in the natural presence/awareness that they are.  We feel this is the essence of yoga, meditation and retreat in general. The schedule, teaching and environment allow one to let go of the demands and details of daily life and to reconnect with and reveal their own deeper knowing.    Yoga postures, breath awareness, restorative postures, meditation, silence, and free time in the natural world generally assist in this letting go.  As we let go of tension and the busy mind, a deeper knowing that is always present, reveals itself.  There is ample opportunity for people to ask questions of during the sessions or in private interviews between sessions.  The morning after arrival we begin what we call “social silence”, meaning silence between the sessions which ends the last morning of the retreat.  We have found this greatly enhances the benefits of the retreat.

What does “silent retreat” mean?  Silence is restful, being the mirror of our natural state.  Silent community creates a supportive environment in which to deepen understanding, awareness, openness and compassion.  Guidance and instruction are given in the meditation/yoga hall during the scheduled sessions.  There is ample opportunity for questions and discussions both in the sessions and in private interviews with the teachers.  The morning after arrival participants are asked to refrain from social conversation with one another during meals and free-time.  We call this “social silence.”  This social silence ends after the morning session of the last day.

What are restorative poses?  In these modifications of classical poses, the muscles remain quiet; the shape and alignment of the pose is determined by props. Restorative yoga helps to trigger the Parasympathetic Nervous System, also known as the PNS. The PNS is responsible for balancing the body and bringing its response system back into equilibrium. Stimulating the PNS helps to lower heart rate, blood pressure; it helps to healthily stimulate the immune system and keep the endocrine system operating healthily.

What is self-inquiry?  The practice of aligning with our true nature beyond the habitual patterns of conditioning.

Are there private bathrooms?  None of the bathrooms are “private”.  There are three bathrooms available for the participants; each has a shower. Bath towels are provided.

Can you accommodate a special diet?  The two most often presented special needs are for gluten and lactose free meals.  We are able to accommodate people who have those food issues.  We are a small center and unfortunately we are unable to address other more involved food allergies that seem to be on the increase each year.  The meals are vegetarian with legumes, tofu, tempeh, and a variety of grains and vegetables.  Please let us know if you have a need for gluten or lactose free meals at the time you register.

What shall we bring? We have blankets, mats and sitting cushions so no need to bring them unless you want to use your own mat.
Linens and bath towels are provided.
Layered relaxed clothing for yoga and meditation.
Warm outdoor clothing and/or rain gear for walking.
Meditation shawl or blanket.
Personal toiletries.

A watch or time piece as all cell phones will be stored in the office
A bathrobe to wear to and from the sauna or to bathrooms and “slippers.”
A journal if you would like.
In Winter: cross-country skis or snowshoes.
In Summer: sun block, a hat, bathing suit.
All seasons : good walking shoes or boots.

Summer  70’s to mid-80’s with cooler nights – walking sandals, light jacket, light sweater or sweatshirt for cooler nights.
Fall and Spring 20’s to 50’s – mid-weight jacket, hat, gloves, waterproof boots.
Winter 0 to low 30’s – very warm jacket, hat, gloves, warm boots.

What not to Bring:
We request that guests do not bring cell phones (we will store cell phones in the office), personal computers, books, pets, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, or wear scented body products, as we want to provide a fragrance-free environment for all. Smoking is not permitted at the Center, or on the grounds.

What if some one needs to contact me?  The emergency contact number is 207-323-5858.

When should we arrive? Between 4 and 6 pm on the first day of the retreat.

When is the retreat over? After the morning session and breakfast the last day of the retreat by about 10 AM.

Can we swim in the pond?  Yes.  There is a constant flow if water in and out of the pond from many springs.It is crystal clear with a dock for lounging.  We suggest a bathing suit.  Warm in summer months, but some have taken a dip in the spring and fall.

When are balances due?  60 days before the start of the retreat.

Numerous Travel Questions

The “Traveling Here” page is found here with many details.

Go here  to see “Map” page.

When should I plan to arrive and leave Rolling Meadows?  Please make your travel plans so that you arrive between 4 and 6 pm the first day of the retreat and leave after breakfast the last morning of the retreat (about 10 am).  We require all participants to remain on retreat until after the morning session the last day of retreat (about 9:30).

What about ride sharing? We will attempt to coordinate this when there is interest and it is feasible. Please let us know if you would like to participate in some sort of ride share – either by personal car or from the airport in a cab, limo or rental car.

Is it best to fly into Bangor or Portland?  Bangor is about 40 minutes by car and Portland is about 2 hours.   There are often more flights to Portland with cheaper fares, but there are exceptions to this.  Some people have found very inexpensive fare to Bangor from their home airports.   There are many cab companies that will drive you to Rolling Meadows from Bangor – we have had very good service from Brad’s Taxi (207-941-9695).  You might also try MS Taxi (207-659-0988) owned by Kevin Masse and speak with Charlie, Kevin’s father.

From Portland Airport – you can take Midcoast Limo service  1-800-937-2424 or limo@midcoast.com (Limo website is here) from Portland to Belfast Maine.  A convenient destination for the limo in Belfast is the Belfast Food Coop at 123 High Street where you may be picked up by a taxi.  From Belfast take Bay Taxi (207-338-1993) to the Center, which is about 15-20 minutes. Bring enclosed directions for the driver.

Some people rent a car at the Portland Airport (Avis is usually the least expensive), drive to the Bangor airport (about 1 3/4 hours), leave the car there and take a taxi to Rolling Meadows.  This is often a less expensive option with reduced travel time.  We personally have done this when we fly from Boston or Portland.

Can we take a bus?  There is regular bus service from Boston and Portland to Belfast (Coastal Route) or Bangor.  The Bangor bus is non-stop and has more scheduled trips. See Concord Trailways website here.

How far is Boston by car? Generally about 4 hours.

Is there a train from NYC to Portland?  Yes.  See Amtrack schedules here.

Can I stay at Rolling Meadows the day before or day after the retreat?  We are unable to accommodate people during these times.  There are many hotels in Bangor.  See this page for some Bangor options.

There are many B & B’s in Belfast see this page for some Belfast B &B’s

Many people take an extra day or so before or after the retreat to visit the Maine Islands, Acadia National Park or other Maine features.

Are retreats offered at times that are not listed on the Calendar Page?  Retreats are only offered on the dates listed on Calendar Page.