In The Flow

Here is a post from Carmen Santiago who lives in San Juan Puerto Rico and has attended retreats at our place in Maine, Rolling Meadows.
She experienced the full blown hardship of Hurricane Maria in 2017.
Yet throughout her countries recovery effort remained attuned to a deeper inner terrain than any devastation around her.
I was inspired when I received her email recently, for she is pointing to the art of letting be without resistance while staying attuned to the ever-available Universal energy which is always here.

Thank you, Carmen, the simple poignancy of your writing is a great teaching. Read Carmen below –

“Trying to meditate this morning, and the dogs barking around me, mosquitos biting me and my husband, who cannot wait to make his breakfast, with all kind of noises in the kitchen. I was ready to get Angry,and then suddenly a funny smile came to me, realizing what is to meditate, if not to be happy in the middle of discomfort, so I quit early, read a little bit and engage with him and the dogs, because maybe it was probably what the Universe was asking of me in that moment.”

Namaste, always thankful,
San Juan, Puerto Rico