Journeying with the Breath

April 17, 2018 – Patricia

April morning ~ sitting in the living room where I come each morning to attune once again. Outside a thick mysterious cloud of fog supports me to sense the invisible here and now.

I want to share with you about a shift happening for me of the tangible feeling of Presence. That quality of Stillness around, through and as everything.

Participating in a Breathwork weekend workshop recently, I had the a deepened crystallization in my awareness and a visceral direct experience of the Numinous…Presence, not above or beyond myself, but here amidst my life. I’ve known this intellectually, as it is the focus of my spiritual “search” and have had many moments of this felt sense of ease, yet it often feels other than here, and somewhere I need to “get to.”

For the past 30 years I have danced in and around Breathwork in its many forms from the pranayama practices of yoga, to Breathwork which alters consciousness, intentionally bringing the breather to the subconscious and into connection with Presence, Universal Love or whatever name can be placed upon the ineffable and numinous.

The Breathwork I am referring to here, offers the opportunity for expanded states of consciousness by moving beyond a technique, allowing a journey thru conscious connected breathing, into healing and to revealing Presence or Universal Love as no longer a concept but a directly experienced reality.

During the Breath session, the journey took me to the feeling of how strange to narrow my focus on details, plans, conflicts, responsibilities of my life while this weightless, invisible field of nothingness, the ground of everything, is here as well woven thru in and around everything. 

A strange feeling of how ridiculous it is to see how much of my life narrows, forgetting to notice the embodied experience of Invisible Palpable Intelligent Love.

Not leaving “here” to get “there” but having an experience of everything being allowed with a dimension of my consciousness aware of something I can only describe as Empty, Open, Spacious, Benevolent and Deeply Easeful.

Breathwork has become an integral part of my life in recent years, enriching my practice and my life by releasing stuck energetic blockages and fading the gossamer fabric of the veil. Journeying with the Breath guides me into the deepest recesses of my soul.

I feel more alive, open, softer, stronger, vital, sensual, confident, more loving, peaceful in my heart, and in relationship with the Divine and happy!

Writing this narrows the experience into words which can’t really describe the feeling of expansion which is changing my perceptions of life and the experience of myself.

So here I offer a practice for you to discover for yourself the limitless dimensions of the Breath. Read thru first, for guidance will come from within, then see the link below to music which will support you.

Just relax and take the journey… Open…let the Breath have you… 


Here is a simple practice to offer you

You might accompany the practice with this music 

~Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and settle into the moment, feeling your body and the environment

~ Take a moment to settle and open to the Soft Spacious Stillness and Silence which is also here

~Open your mouth and begin to breath in and out in long breaths thru your open mouth

~Gradually breath with no gap between in breath and out breath, a connected Breath, allowing the Breath to continue be to be deep, not panting

~On the exhale let go of tensions feeling the body release old patterns and what is no longer needed

~On the inhale imbibe Prana, the life force, imagining every cell glistening with Light

~ Stay with these images or what ever images arise for you, as you breath for 5 minutes

~ Then stay with this breathing but drop the images, and allow the Breath to carry you, continue breathing in connected breaths with open mouth and deep breaths with no agenda for 5 minutes

~ Return to normal breathing, taking a few moments to sense how you are feeling…and enjoy the day!

All of our retreats now offer Breathwork. Breathing with others heightens the vibrational energetic  of the practice, supporting each other thru our individual deep dive into ourself.

A  link to our Breathwork page is here

Rolling Meadows,  Brooks, Maine  


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