Meditation, Breathwork & Yoga Retreat

Living from our Sacred Self
May 27 – 31, 2022
Meditation, Breathwork & Yoga Retreat

Rolling Meadows
Brooks, Maine

This retreat is full.  Please contact us if you would like to be on a wait list.

Due to the changing nature of Covid and in the interest of keep us all healthy and well, we are requiring all participants to present a government issued vaccine card showing that they are fully vaccinated, including a booster.  Additionally we require that participants test negative when they arrive at Rolling Meadows using a self-test kit that they will bring with them.

In this  Silent Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga Retreat, through the practices of meditation, breathwork, yoga asana, yin yoga, pranayama, meditative movement, yoga nidra, breath work, restorative poses, self-inquiry, silence and free time in the natural world we have an opportunity to more clearly see and release the conditioning that does not serve us.  

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” Rumi

As awareness increases, we naturally enhance our relationship with our True Self. We will leave the retreat with increased sensitivity to the “Field” Rumi speaks of so that we may bring this awareness into our daily lives, greeting whatever arises in our life more often from our natural, Sacred Self rather than our conditioned egoic mind.

Find freedom from the limiting habits…

The purpose of spiritual practice and teachings is to help us find freedom from the limiting habits, patterns, behaviors and beliefs we have absorbed from our culture and families so that we may live from our true self – our Sacred Self.  This retreat is designed for those people willing to let go of the past and step into the vast unknown, the only place that true transformation can occur.   The various practices offered will not always follow conventional, currently popular practices of yoga and/or meditation.  Participants should be prepared to explore various innovative and novel means of moving energy in the body/mind in order to increase their capacity for greater levels of awareness that exist beyond their conditioned and limited self. 

“Meditate on the Self as being
Vast as the Sky,
A body of energy
Extending forever in all directions.
In the embrace of infinite space,
Awaken to your True form,
Divine creative energy
Revealing Itself as you.”  -Vignana Bhairava

“You are unconditioned, formless, unfathomable, imperturbable awareness: so hold to nothing but consciousness.”
Ashtavakra Gita – Ch 1, V1

Breathwork is a dynamic practice for releasing, purifying, healing and attuning with Source.  Bridging the conscious and subconscious, conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to personal transformation, enhanced well-being, and the direct heart-opening experience of Divine Love. It is a profound part of the process we offer in our retreats.  

Breathwork is primarily an experience of yourself in relation to your inner landscapes and the innate healing ability of your own breath and your own psyche.  For more information about Breathwork click here and here

This four-night silent meditation and yoga retreat begins with an evening meal at 6 pm on Friday, May 27 and ends at about mid-morning on Tuesday, May 31 after a morning session and a late breakfast.

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The fee for this retreat is $1,225

A $300 non refundable deposit holds your space and the balance is due March 27.

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This retreat is for those seriously committed to the work of self-transformation. It is not a spa or vacation. The use of electronic devices is prohibited. Participants must place their cell phones and electronic devices in the retreat office the first night of the retreat and remain at the facility for the duration of the retreat. Everyone is asked to stay off computers and phones to allow for an undistracted experience and deeper connection with yourself. This also enhances  everyone’s experience. The combined intention of unplugging from technology in retreat is essential for the focused work of looking within. An emergency contact number will be provided to give to loved ones. 

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