maine retreats

Maine & Vermont Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga Retreats are a result of the years of personal and facilitated retreats we have taken and led since 1980.

We have found that the format of meditation, yoga, movement, self-inquiry, pranayama,  breathwork, silence and unstructured time in the natural world creates an environment conducive to dropping the details of daily life, releasing patterns of the past and opening to the embodied state of Divine Love, our True Nature. Uniquely all the practices enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The emphasis then is placed on Awareness and evolution of consciousness.  With this in mind, the yoga retreats specifically focus on personal transformation.   Anyone interested in a spa-type experience is advised to look elsewhere.


Yoga sessions include classical hatha and vinyasa, yin yoga and restorative poses. We encourage fluid movement and personal exploration in the yoga classes to cultivate an internal reference point, liberation from outer authority, and trust in the inherent wisdom of the body.

Pranayama brings awareness to the breath and increases the availability of Prana, the life-force.

Movement explorations allow for slipping thru the cracks of our conditioning, experiencing a different vibrational energy, to directly embody Essence and True Home.

Breathwork is a dynamic practice for releasing, purifying, healing and attuning with Source. Bridging the conscious and subconscious, conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to personal transformation, enhanced well-being, and the direct heart-opening experience of Divine Love. It is a profound part of the retreat process.

Self-Inquiry is an opportunity to awaken to the truth of who we are. The embodied recognition and experience of long-held patterns of conditioned behavior lifts the veil that keeps us from the peace of our true nature.

Meditation periods are approximately 20-30 minutes and draw on the Vipassana and non-dual traditions. Guidance will be offered in breath awareness and in open attention with the focus to relax and simply be with what is, as it is, without manipulation, so that we may come to rest in the natural state of awareness.

At The Centers

Unstructured Time allows for on personal meditation time, walking, journaling, napping,  or using the supportive container remembering how to do nothing. Depending on the venue there is swimming in the sea, or walking in the mountains.

A container of shared silence is maintained during the yoga retreat, except during the sessions. Silence is restful, as well as being the mirror of our natural state.  This silent community creates a supportive environment in which to surrender to the inner silence, allowing us to question our conditioned beliefs and surrender to the truth of our being.  The morning after arrival participants are asked to refrain from social conversation with one another during meals and free-time.  We call this “social silence.”  This social silence ends after the morning session of the last day.   To read more about the silent retreat you may go here.

South Newfane, Silent Vermont Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga Retreat November 8 – 11, 2024 w/  Surya is here 

Cushing Maine Silent Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga Retreat Retreat w/ Surya  June 18 – 22, 2025 is here


For further information you may call 888-666-6412, email- or click here.



Notably Wholesome Meals are prepared fresh two times daily. Patricia and Surya have a passionate interest in understanding the relationship between a wholesome diet and vitality and the meals served on retreat reflect this commitment. The menu is vegetarian and includes dairy, and eggs. Additionally, special dietary needs for gluten-free and lactose-free meals can be accommodated with advance notice. No other special diets can be accommodated.

Come Prepared

Participants at our Yoga Retreats are asked to come prepared to be fully present during the retreat, attending to personal and business details before coming on retreat and taking a break from computers and cell phones. All phones and other electronics will be stored in the office. Please bring a clock or watch so you can be on time for sessions. This will greatly enhance the retreat experience. 

You may read more about the style of yoga taught by going here.

Daily Retreat Schedule
Morning Tea
Meditation, Asana, Movement, Breath 
Personal time – walking, swimming, resting, etc
Afternoon snack – fruit, hummus, etc 
Restorative Yoga/Yin Yoga/Transformation Breathwork/Movement/Pranayama/Meditation 4 – 6 
Evening Meditation
Lights out 
  • Arrival between 4 and 5 pm the first day of the retreat.
  • Dinner is served at 6 pm.
  • Departure approximately 11 on am the last day after the morning session (8-10 ) and breakfast.
  • For a page with information on “Why take a Retreat” click here.
  • Please note that retreats are offered only on the dates listed on the Calendar Page on this site.