Embodied Awareness – 6 Day Meditation, Breathwork & Yoga Retreat 
Tropical Immersion
Punta Monterrey, Pacific Coast, Mexico
w/ Patricia & Surya
February 27 – March 3, 2024

This retreat is full. Please contact us if you would like to be on a wait list.

Our 15th annual Mexico Yoga Retreat –  Explore a unique, eclectic, subtle, yet dynamic approach to yoga, movement, breathwork and the inner stillness of meditation with Patricia and Surya, who bring many years of guiding meditation and yoga retreats and creating a sacred container for returning to ourselves and our True Nature.

Known for inspiring others to open beyond habituated reference points, their teaching offers an opportunity to awaken to an expanded, enlivened, renewed and attuned sense of Self. Blending posture flow, classical hatha, Iyengar, yin and restorative yoga with pranayama, vipassana meditation and breathwork, this meditation and yoga retreat offers an experience which bridges many approaches into one integrated practice. 

Awaken each day in a land of endless beauty …  A secluded retreat center located on its own private sandy beach surrounded by lush jungle in Punta Monterrey, Nayarit, Pacific Coast, Mexico. Experience tropical serenity while immersed in some of the richest wild landscapes ~ bioluminescent beaches, sea turtles, dolphins, whale sightings, and tropical fish. Practice in a light-filled, spacious, ocean air filled yoga shala and return home feeling revitalized, renewed, relaxed and re-connected to yourself and to what truly matters in your life.

Each day there will be three sessions. The focus of our sessions is to open energy pathways, quiet the mind and to remember and experience the stillness and ease of our True Nature.  On the arrival there will be an afternoon and evening session and on the departure day there will be a 2 hour morning class.

Yoga sessions invite the cultivation of deep listening, and fluid unwinding, while awakening sensation as guide back to body’s innate intelligence. This approach to practice, shifts the habit of doing asana to an unfolding, by feeling and sensing our way thru the practice. Sessions will be guided with periods for self exploration and discovery.

Meditation and self inquiry sessions will focus on becoming familiar with the rest and ease of our essential nature in the midst of all activity. The meditation sessions offer mindfulness and breath awareness based on Vipassana meditation as well as non-dual, open awareness meditation and self inquiry.

Movement explorations allow for slipping thru the cracks of our conditioning, experiencing a different vibrational energy to directly embody Essence and True Home.

Breathwork is one of the most effective methods of personal transformation, enhanced wellbeing and the direct experience of expanded consciousness.  It is a profound dimension of our retreats.

Punta Monterrey Tropical Beach Resort is a remote ecological reserve on a private beach amidst more than 300 acres of jungle on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  The spectacular resort is an ideal place to experience a transformative meditation and yoga retreat in the warmth of Mexico. All rooms are constructed with bio-climatic architecture making seamless with the natural world, yet enclosed for optimal comfort.

Nature is ever-present at Punta Monterrey, with 100’s of species of birds in the jungle. Late February is normally dry season so we can expect each day to be sun-filled.

Punta Monterrey is a newly opened retreat center designed for people who love nature and enjoy privacy  affording a beautifully remote and tranquil retreat environment.   The rooms are spectacular – open to the prana filled air and the sea, each with a private bathroom and hot showers.   The dining and the yoga/meditation areas are open to the surrounding environment with ocean views on one side and jungle on the other.  

Punta Monterrey Tropical Beach Resort is a place to to deepen your practice, enjoy incredible sunsets, loose yourself in the jungle (to really find yourself) or simply be renewed by the sea.

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A link to the Punta Monterrey Tropical Beach Resort is here.

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The Fee for this retreat:
Double Room $1,595 per person 
Single Room $1,995
(all rooms have private bath and showers)


To Register:
First please contact us to determine if space is available.  To register click  here.  Indicate that you are registering for the Mexico retreat and your choice of accommodation (private room or double – we will assign you a same sex roommate unless you are traveling with a friend or partner)  The retreat fee is due upon registration. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.  

A “frequently asked questions” page with various details about the retreat may be found by clicking here.

San Pancho and Sayulita are two lovely beach towns near Punta Monterray for those interested in a place to stay and explore before or after the retreat.   Puerta Vallarta, while of course much larger, has endless options to explore. 

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Mexico Retreat

Morning Meditation and Asana Class
Time for swimming, receiving a massage, walks along the shore, snorkeling and of course resting, 
Late afternoon breathwork, yin, and restorative practice
Evening meditation
(Healthy meals served in an open-air dining area with Mexican influenced vegetarian cuisine

A link to TripAdvisor reviews of Punta Monterrey Tropical Beach resort is here.

For further information you may contact us here.