Tantra of Life


Namaste everyone,

We hope all is well wherever you are.

We are fine here at Rolling Meadows including the sheep and waning gardens, all surrounded in an abundance of green from copious amounts of rain here in mid-coast Maine.

The harvest is welcome with beets, tomatoes and swiss chard, vibrant colors on our kitchen counters.

I hear the challenge of these times from many of you and feel this periodically in myself. A wild ride carrying us into an unknown future. Being open to show our true selves as we are seems the greatest gift with glossing over what is true no longer sustainable.

This is a time of clarification and deepening into what is calling us while being aware of the distractions which keep us from this knowing.We all have them, I won’t bore you with mine!

You are most likely steadier than you feel, even amidst the moments of confusion, tension, lostness. Although not an easy time, we are each being given the opportunity to look deeper for resource. This portal often arises thru the most challenging doorways.

I am sensing there is this way I would call the “Tantra of Life”which has space for everything. Where judgement and opinion fade in the midst of its expansive acceptance.
This begins within ourself and spreads outward from there.
The willingness to stay with ourself when we feel agitation, doubt, anger, anxiety or whatever the more challenging emotions are which arise.. this to me feels like Tantra ~ to be with it all, as we are, in these moments.

To feel in the body what is happening and not distract or turn away. To offer a loving, trusting open space to be with ourselves with what is true in the moment.

I have experienced and witnessed the capacity to be with ourselves during these moments, when dark, cold waters (it’s known that cold water has many healing benefits!)are not skipped over, reaching only for sun and warm waters. The willingness to stay is a blessed way to live and I sense the biggest missing in our educational systems.

When this way is not woven thru the fabric of our systems, the offshoot is defense, judgement, attack, opinion, projection, duality, and communication breakdown. As we witness the results of this unconscious way of living in our world, we can be simultaneously catalyzed into our own self-transformation. 

Our searching is really the desire to find a way to be with ourself as we are each moment. This is Peace. Then projection and all the other patterns of not taking responsibility for our emotional lives cease, and we rest in the space of acceptance which is, I believe, the state of ever present Conscious Awareness or Love.
Imagine our world, our Earth, if we took such self care?!

I feel an ease writing this to you, this recognizing when we have drifted too far into emotional reactivity rather than sitting with what we are feeling.. remembering how to mother ourselves in these moments…stopping, lovingly being with whatever we are experiencing mothering ourself as the silent gentle embrace of the Source of Being that we also are.

It seems so simple. Yet, the great blessing of this time, is that so many of us are looking for a simpler way to live, perhaps it begins with this ~ Would it be possible to be with myself as I am?
Allowing what is to be here, living from the recognition of inclusivity, acceptance, and openness, living from, as my beloved Surya names it, our Sacred Self?

I join you in remembering this way of being

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