Rolling Meadows Retreats Teachers

patriciaPatricia Brown…My journey is about creating space for the direct experience of embodied Awareness from which a self-referenced practice and orientation to one’s life emerges.

 Since 1980, I have been blending asana, meditation, sacred movement, and Breathwork, encouraging inner listening as the portal to the mystery beyond form. I offer a path to what lies beneath the surface, creating a sacred environment to explore through asana, pranayama, sacred movement, meditation, and breathwork, the ease, openness, compassion and inherent wisdom of Divine Love that is our true home.

I first began studying yoga asana in the Iyengar community, and later with Angela Farmer and teachers of the Vanda Scaravelli approach. Having a desire to deepen my practice, I began sitting Vipassana meditation retreats with SN Goenka and with teachers from the  Insight Meditation Society and Forest Refuge. Studies in meditative movement with Jungian based Authentic Movement, Continuum, the innovative work of Emile Conrad, as well as Five Rhythms with Gabriella Roth, generated further inquiry into the subtlety and interface of form and formlessness, movement and stillness, and in developing ways to encourage inner listening, and self-referenced practices.

Studies in Ayurveda, Somatics and Source Point Therapy as well as work with Peruvian shamans all inform my teaching. I am a student of Advaita, the non-dual tradition of Ramana Maharshi, and have sat with many teachers of this tradition, which offers self-inquiry  as the path to understanding that we are Divine Love. The profound influence of Breathwork offers avenues to integrate and embody this knowing. The inspiring work of Dr Joe Dispenza, rewiring the brain and creating new neural pathways by opening to the quantum field, is being deeply transformative, furthering the direct experience and joy of opening to the the vast unknown while integrating this energy into daily life.

I developed Body Prayers – Yoga and Meditation Silent Retreats for Women in 1991, led Body Prayers Yoga Teacher Trainings, have taught inquiry through meditative movement and Breathwork, co-developed Rolling Meadows Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in Maine, and continue to offer retreats in Maine and internationally.

Surya-Chandra Das began studying hatha yoga and meditation in 1988 and has taught classes and yoga retreats since 1990.  His teaching of yoga asana and pranayama is influenced by his  studies with T.K.V. Desikachar in Madras, India,Victor van Kooten, Angela Farmer, Richard Miller, a variety of teachers in the Iyengar tradition and the teachings of yin yoga.   Studies in Authentic Movement, Breathwork and Continuum Movement have contributed to his interest in exploring the formless contained within the form of yoga postures.   Surya has also been influenced by the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, who stressed the need for each individual to directly discover their own truth without dogma, ritual, or technique. 

Surya has also been studying with Dr. Joe Dispenza, connecting the ancient teachings of the East and recent understandings in Quantum Physics.   He finds these modern scientific developments, such as the nature of the quantum field,  allow those of us educated in the “western mind” to more fully understand and integrate the time honored teachings of Yoga into our daily lives.

Surya-Chandra is a long-time student of Vipassana meditation and Advaita, the non-dual tradition of Ramana Maharshi, having studied with Ramesh Balsakar, Adyashanti and others.

yoga teacherSurya’s teaching is a blend of the various teachings he has experienced and his own explorations.  Nondual Awareness or Presence is the foundation of the retreats.  Surya is interested in helping participants understand the depth and breadth of Yoga – that it is so much more than performing asanas (postures) and can permeate every aspect of our lives well beyond the retreat. As a yoga teacher he supports and encourages a student to let go of striving and becoming; to increase their capacity to live with conscious awareness of the wisdom of body; to be present for conditioning from a non-judgmental and somatic reference point; and to have the direct experience of our True Nature, allowing us to live from the natural joy, ease and openness of Being.