The Joy, Ease and Delight of Being
Spring  Meditation, Yoga & Breathwork Retreat

May 23 – 28, 2020    
w/ Surya
Rolling Meadows

With the support of yoga postures, pranayama, restorative poses, yin yoga, meditation, silence, breath work, meditative movement and unstructured time in nature, this yoga retreat will be an opportunity to experience and explore the peace and joy of being.

Most of us lead very busy lives.  Demands of work, family and the complexity of simply living consume most of our waking hours.  From early childhood we’ve been conditioned to achieve, improve and generally be more productive.  Modern life with computers, cell phones and convenience food further feeds our addiction to a fast-paced life.  While much of this activity has value, it can become unbalanced.  There is little time to understand the art of being.

Much of what we “do” is an attempt to find wholeness, fulfillment, satisfaction and peace in our lives.  When this “doing” is out of balance with “being”, the more we do, the more we seek, the less peace and fulfillment we experience.   In our hearts we know that true happiness does not come from doing more or having more things, but we need to periodically pause and take time to reset our priorities and connect with our being.

The ultimate purpose and essence of Yoga is to experience the peace of our true nature, which can only be known when we stop seeking to improve, change or move away from what is right here now. Magically this peace that is always here appears when we stop becoming and surrender to simply being.

“If you want to be happy, be”     ~Leo Tolstoy

“The very source of all happiness is your beingness.  Be there.  Be still in your beingnesss.”       ~Nisargadatta


Breathwork is a dynamic practice for releasing, purifying, healing, and attuning with Source.  Bridging the conscious and subconscious, conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to personal transformation, enhanced well-being, and the direct heart opening experience of Divine Love. It is a profound part of the process we offer in our retreats.  

Breathwork is primarily an experience of yourself in relation to your inner landscapes and the innate healing ability of your own breath and your own psyche.  Click here for more on this.

This five-night yoga retreat and meditation begins with evening meal at 6pm on Saturday, May 23 and ends at about mid-morning (around 10 am) on Thursday, May 28 after a morning session and a late breakfast.

This retreat is for those seriously committed to the work of self-transformation.   It is not a spa or vacation.  The use of electronic devices is prohibited. Participants must place their cell phones and electronic devices in the retreat office the first night of the retreat and remain at the facility for the duration of the retreat.

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The fee for this breathwork, meditation & yoga retreat is $1,195

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